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18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel is supplied almost exclusively by the main European steelworks. Its exceptional rust resistance, its brilliance and hygienic qualities satisfy the requirements of modern gastronomy; in fact, it resists the acids contained in foodstuffs, detergents and is shockproof. 18/10 steel is dishwasher safe. Polycarbonate. PC. Polycarbonate is a valuable polymer that has some characteristics from plastics, steel and glass. Its transparency is close to 90%. Its strain strength has a high impact strength. Its high dimensional stability is guaranteed up to a 130-degree temperature. In the presence of flame, it is selfextinguishing. Warning: it does not withstand: alkaline solutions, acetone, ammonia, benzol and methyl alcohol. The material is safe from the physiological point of view and can get in touch with food. The glass of bowls is suitable for food usage and is unbreakable. China is suitable for food usage and does not contain harmful substances or release dangerous elements. The laminar beechwood board complies with the rules in force and is treated not to absorb smells and humidity. It must be hand washed and dried with care. Resistances. Suitable for a 220 Volt In compliance with CEE norm. 269