Vitae Selection FMCG - Page 4

What we do FMCG We are Search & Selection experts that offer a specialist category approach to each market. We deliver a range of Search, Selection and Research solutions to help attract and secure the best industry professionals. We are used repeatedly by a variety of clients both large and small who recognise our professional approach and the standard we maintain for every hire. Vitae’s track record of success across this sector delivers strong results via an industry and category specific approach, creating a highly professional fulfilment experience. Search Instructed mandates, recommended for Senior leadership hires and Headhunting. Selection Advertised selection and networking, recommended for Middle Management hires Research In-house support, candidate identification, verification and competitor mapping Our specialist teams are highly trained with considerable insider experience and offer genuine advice and insight into the hiring process to help shape both a candidates’ career and help businesses drive their performance. Vitae’s total commitment and passion for each sector in which we operate bring a focus and quality of service that reflects our client list and our extensive network of contacts.