Vitae Selection FMCG - Page 14

Proven Track Record Recent hiring record Food Brands National Account Controller Yorkshire Food Head of Technical Yorkshire Pub Retail Strategic Marketing Manager Isle of Wight Food Brands Brand Manager London Food OL Head of Marketing London Food Brands Head of Sales Midlands Pub Retail Brand Activation Manager Isle of Wight Food Brands Global Account Manager Home Based Food OL Site Director Yorkshire Food OL Sales Director Yorkshire Pub Retail Project Manager Isle of Wight Food OL Strategic Development Director Yorkshire Food Brands Site Operations lead Leicestershire Food Research & Development Controller Hertfordshire Global Non Food Brand National account man Y\ H\H[ܚ\BX\][۝\[ܚ\B\X܈و\XH[\B[XYو\HZ[X[[\\B[ݘ][ۈ\X܈\^B[[܈^Y\[\\B[[X[[[X[Y\ZX\\\B[]\HXܝZ]Y[XX[\]H[HY\[\X ][HH\\H[HX]HY[\[]]Y[[ܙ[\][ۈ[][\YY\HX[\\]YH\ܛX[B\\]XX][H] \[[\X[]Y\] []š[\[\H[YH[[\\[\[[\Y[8&\›YY[\[Y]I[X][ۜˈ\H\[\^[Y[BYX]H]]H\