Vitae Selection FMCG - Page 11

Briefing Profiling Before any action is taken we make sure we understand the requirement, the confidentiality and timings to ensure we fully meet a brief. We always recommend psychometric profiling for Senior leadership hires. Our network of assessors is comprehensive drawing upon a range of highly qualified reliable and unbiased options. The range of services we usually recommend are ability testing, personality profiling, motivational assessment, integrity testing. Research Vitae’s market networks are extensive together with our advertising and venture capital contacts. When we commence an assignment we often find that we have a strong base from which to start and can target the right networks, media and businesses to find the strongest candidates. Vitae’s in house qualified researchers work side by side with consultants to identify and qualify shortlists. This approach is always confidential adhering to business and strategy sensitivities at all times. Assessment Skills assessment and capability validation are a rigorous part of the interview process. Our consultants shortlist vetted candidates to make sure they meet the required standard and brief. Core competency evaluation together with open referencing are done at the early stages of the process to ensure credibility together with a comprehensive overview of packages and expectations to align the right matches and present the correct information pre interview. Process Management We handle all aspects of the interview arrangements and process design. Feedback and communication is paramount throughout this stage for all parties to ensure momentum, transparency and a successful conclusion. Our consultants excel at this and will always highlight any concerns immediately to ensure a successful selection process. Offer Management Transparent expectations are critical at this stage. Your consultant will manage the complete offer process for you. Our consultants and in-house management team can advise on contracts and employment law at all levels to conclude a hire successfully and professionally. Referencing 360˚ referencing completes the actual hire process. It validates the decision and confirms the hire to the client. At least 2 verified references are provided with each hire alongside any open referencing completed mid process. Referenced areas include, strengths and weaknesses, honesty and integrity, leadership credentials, accuracy and potential.