Visitation of Our Lady Parish Newsletter Mach 2018

MARCH 2018 Good Stewards Know Thorns Are More Valuable Than Roses If you have heard at least five of my homilies, at least one thing will have jumped out at you. I stress the need for us to hug our PROBLEMS. Now don’t get me wrong, I love life’s good times and, thank God, I have had many. And, I am an optimist. I see life as the glass half full, not half empty. Nonetheless, Jesus and life have taught me that we will never be maturely happy here nor will we get to heaven without a significant dose of struggle in our lives. Let me talk about my personal experience. Good times prompt me to coast. Why change if times are good? Yesterday was good. Today is good. So, why change? I anticipate tomorrow will also be good. And, here’s the deal. Coasting through life can give me pleasure. But, pleasure always comes from things and always ends. Further, there is something almost perverse about good times and pleasure. The more I get what gives me pleasure, the less pleasure it gives me. A medium rare sirloin steak once in a while gives me enormous pleasure. However, if I ate steak breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 consecutive days, I would despise the 90 th steak. Pleasure comes from things and always ends. Happiness, on the other hand, comes from emotional, mental and spiritual GROWTH. Happiness comes from successfully wrestling with life’s biggest problems. And, of course, life’s biggest problems all deal with getting through this life’s struggles in a way that will get me to the PERFECT peace, joy, happiness, pleasure and fun of heaven. Happiness is the peace of mind that results from becoming a spiritually better person. As a result of hard work, I know that dealing with life’s problems by following Jesus’ advice me will get me heaven later and, ironically, HAPPINESS NOW. (continued on page 8) PAGE 1 Inside -2- VOL Students Enjoy Hands-on Learning -3- Congratulations to Our VOL Students -4- Paschal Candle Explained -5- VOL Cajun Fest Lineup -6- Jesus: World’s First Marketing Agent -7- Cajun Fest Full Schedule