Visitation of Our Lady Parish Monthly Newsletter October 2017

October, 2017 V October, 2017 isitation OF OUR LADY CHURCH 3500 AMES BLVD., MARRERO, LA 70072 504.347.2203 Good Stewards Know We Don’t Need to Fear Death Hey, are we ready to die? I am. But, as you well know, I am an old man. I’m 74-years-old. And, since the average lifespan of an American man is 76.4 years, I’m almost there. I have lived 98% of a typical lifespan. That doesn’t bother me. I have lived what I believe has been an extraordinarily blessed life. If God wants me, I’ll go happily. How about you? Jesus says the time to be ready is always RIGHT NOW. Why does he say that? Well, because none of us knows when our time will come. We not only don’t know the day, hour, minute or second, we don’t even know the year or decade. So, Jesus says always be prepared now. Ralph’s doctor told him he had the body of a 40-something. Ralph was seventy-two. Ralph died of a massive heart attack just after beating a 51-year-old man on a tennis court. Pat celebrated his 56 th birthday by dancing until two in the morning with his wife, Sally. Sally found Pat dead in their bed when she got-up the next morning. Tammy was celebrating her Sweet 16 th by going to a party with some of her friends. Brad, the 17-year-old driver of the car, lost control of the car. It slammed into a utility pole. Tammy died instantly. I repeat. None of us knows when our God will call us. Listening to Jesus, then, makes exquisitely good sense. A lways be prepared! How do we do that? Well, by following the Ten Commandments and by living the Beatitudes and the Great Continued on page 8 Page 1 VOL.ORG Inside -2- When Bad Things in Life Bring Out Good Things in People -3- Can you Be-Leaf How Much Pre-K2 is Learning? Second Grade Celebrates America -4- St. Peter Claver -5- Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch Remembering Our Deceased -6- VOL Pet Blessing A Howling Success Pictures With Santa -7- New Ministry Helps Adults Affected By Child Abuse Mass and Healing Service -8- Family Bingo Night