Visitation of Our Lady Parish Monthly Newsletter December 2016 Issue

December 2016 December 2016 3500 Ames Blvd., Marrero, LA 70072 Inside 2 Louisiana Life March 3 Substance Addiction Ministry 4 The Cardinal of VOL 5 Academic Games 6 Prayer Card Contest Winners The Spirit of Giving 7 Christmas in the Classroom 504-347-2203 Good Stewards Know Patience Can Buy Us A Ticket To Heaven Suppose. Suppose you showed-up for a job interview. Suppose the person interviewing you said the job paid poorly. Suppose he went on to explain that if you took the job, many would hate you. Suppose he said the job might result in you being beaten, jailed and murdered. Suppose he put this cherry atop the sundae. The many who would hate you would include your parents, siblings and friends. How many seconds would it take for you to run like a rabbit in getting out of there? Who on God’s green earth would take that job? Well, here’s the answer: Jesus’ first disciples. In the Gospel of St. Luke, here’s what Jesus told the people who were following him two thousand years ago. People will “seize” you. They will “persecute” you. They will “hate” you. They will “jail” you. They will “kill” some of you. And, the “they” will include even your “parents, brothers, relatives and friends.” Look it up. It’s in Luke 21:12-19. Continued on page 8 Page 1