VISION Issue 50 - Page 32

VISION 50 — BLACK ART What if any other issues arose with such a formidable glazing program? The framing systems were probably the biggest challenge. We could get the glass size – that was fine – but the challenge was sliding door panels and systems that would meet the engineering requirements and guarantees. What does this house say about the direction of your architecture? Architecture involves a lot of trust from the client, and it’s hard to win that trust until you’ve built up a body of quality work. With the completion of every great project, we hope to enable more trust in our vision. Do you need to be in locked step with your clients’ ambitions? You do. It could easily be seen that we’re just designing to get better work and it doesn’t really matter what the client’s seeing. But for me, the best outcome is when the clients really love the place you’ve created. I think hopefully that will help promote our business as well. A happy client should be the best form of advertising. PROJECT Ross, Northcote, Victoria ARCHITECT Ola Studio BUILDER Wade Lovich and Sacha Allen ENGINEER Tim Gibney and Associates WINDOW SUPPLIER/INSTALLER Creative Windows GLASS SUPPLIER Viridian PRINCIPAL GLAZING Viridian EnergyTech™ Clear & ScalaTexture™ Satinlite