VISION Issue 48 - Page 9

9 L-shaped in plan, the building runs parallel with busy High Street on the north with a return on Morotai Ave. To the west with its frontage on busy High Street, this small school suddenly has a much bigger presence by means of quality rather than quantity. A full-height grillage of clear and coloured panels forms the centrepiece of the main, north-facing, street elevation. The use of multi-hued lozenges is repeated on the east and west ends with the motif of divine light as playful, animating gesture. Panelised walls of Viridian performance glass and SpectraPrism™ result in a facade of enriched detail and interior effect. Vision’s Peter Hyatt spoke with Y2 project director Garry Thompson to discuss the rise of the classroom as tree house: Is there a memorable project moment? Walking with the community at the opening and experiencing the space that has taken years for them to envisage. All of a sudden it was tangible, that’s the most memorable moment. VISION  GARRY THOMPSON  For a school that’s always dreamt of something better, the roll-out must have been a most remarkable gift. It was an epoch moment for the school in the way that their education is shifting. The leadership of the school changed. This was really a delivery to bring the school and Parish community together in a succinct project. There is a cellophane wrapped quality where we see the ‘gift’ within. We see children playing and learning inside and out. The building is obviousl y just bricks, mortar and glass, but it really provides a wonderful place for learning and for aspiration. It’s light filled, it’s contemporary. It’s engaging with the teachers, the students and the community. WATCH ARCHITECT GARY THOMPSON IN CONVERSATION