VISION Issue 48 - Page 42

VISION 48 — LIGHT HOUSE What do you hope the wider market might take from this example? I hope that it’s an example of how building less house can actually be better. If you have less house, more garden, it’s cheaper. It can perform much better. Just paying attention to the site is really important. Hopefully those things can be applied whether it’s with this house or any other mass-produced design. In this kind of housing estate, you are quite close to neighbours. How did that affect your design? We’re pretty used to close neighbours. Even in the eastern suburbs, or on waterfront sites. The tricky thing about this is that we didn’t know what the house next door was going to be so you have to fool-proof it in a way. That could have been a two-storey house, but ended up a one-story house. Ours is relying on garden and eaves being held low to focus your attention down. We definitely had to think of all potential outcomes. “I hope that it building less If you have le cheaper. It ca MADELEINE BLANCHFIELD,