VISION Issue 48 - Page 41

41 What do you take away from the project that you will apply in future? The things that are important on any of our houses apply, regardless of the budget, size of the site, or the house. It’s really just a sense of calm and openness and good relationships between indoors and outdoors. Really good planning. There’s no corridors in this house. There’s no wasted space and I think, in doing that, you’ve got more money to spend on things like full-height glass. The thing we take away is that any house deserves the same level of attention and the same sort of architectural rules. Your glass balustrade staircase exemplifies material consistency and minimal material palette throughout. We followed through with the interior so that the handrails for the staircase are a frameless glass event. It looks like a folded glass sculpture on the lower level. The complexities of the planes and how that works and the simple finishes of formed concrete with the glass, and chrome patch fittings all come together into something we’re quite proud of.