VISION Issue 48 - Page 38

VISION 48 — LIGHT HOUSE One of the tests for architecture is that it doesn’t have to be grand but it should at least feel generous. What makes the house feel generous is the full height glass that brings in the outdoor space with eaves that read as part of the room. And that it’s all very seamlessly connected to the garden. When I’ve been there with four people sitting in the kitchen, it feels quite intimate. But also there would have been 80 people there for the open day and it can handle it because of that easy expansion into the outdoors which becomes part of that space when it needs to. Do you consider it a design that utilises glass more progressively and ambitiously than the typical project build? There’s a BASIX certificate which every new house has to meet for thermal performance. The easiest way of getting through is just to have very small windows and that’s not something that I find appealing in a house. In order to have a lot of glass, that glass has to perform very, very well. It’s only because of products like those of Viridian that we can now do a design like that in a mass produced project home. What’s your impression of Viridian’s LightBridge™ with its high light transmission and thermal performance? Products like LightBridge™ are fantastic. It’s very easy to do grey or green glass and have a lot of it, but here you have clear glass you really don’t notice – and it’s high performance glass yet looks exactly the same as any other clear glass product. “What makes the ho is the full height gla outdoor space with part of the room. A seamlessly connec MADELEINE BLANCHFIELD, ARCHITECT