VISION Issue 48 - Page 18

VISION 48 — GUIDING LIGHT The results through using glass are impressive. You could have simply had solid walls and inserted conventional windows as little rectangles. There is a wide variety of glass used here. All of the north facing glass is the high energy efficiency variety. There’s a lot of curtain wall glass, but the double glazed units while providing acoustic benefits from passing traffic also provided absolutely beautiful light control throughout all learning spaces. We are literally without need for artificial lighting throughout the building. It’s got an abundant and lovely natural light. In addition to that connection with the stained glass windows in the chapel. We’ve got coloured glass panels that provide a journey of colour throughout the learning spaces during the day. And the influences here are much more residential than institutional. Schools historically have been institutional, but are no longer like that. There is that homely environment because the way teaching and learning has changed. It’s no longer a teacher at the front of the classroom and 50 students, all seated in rows. We provide a tree house setting with warm hues of timber, soft furnishings and a lovely homelike environment. A quality offering is less likely to be abused, trashed or prematurely worn out. That’s certainly the case. Not only the teachers are respectful of their environment, but students are engaged with the building. There is ownership, there’s no doubt about that ownership. Historical H\BY\H[\ۛY[]\\]\]\K\\˜XX[H]Z]Hܙ\Y[]\H^H]8&\XZ[Z[Y '\x&\Hو\Z[[\]HXH^Y[][BݚY[X\X[Y]B\[YX[ݚYYX][HX]]Y[Y۝Y][X\[X\˸'BTHTӋTUP