VISION Issue 48 - Page 12

VISION 48 — GUIDING LIGHT Does the school represent the wider transformational shift in the way education is delivered? It’s a paradigm shift. What we’re seeing at this school now is that we’ve moved away from teacher centred learning to student self directed learning. It’s about offering flexible teaching skills and the ability to cater for all students of different abilities, class groups and environments. This is a parallel world now compared to where we were at the start of this project. Were there challenges that tested your resolve and creativity? The challenge was not to do with the briefing or anything like that. It was a really challenging site to build on. It is sited close to a main road and we weren’t allowed to close that road that happens to be right up against the school boundary. That provided many challenges for the construction sequence. We earned our fees definitely in delivering that on site, as the builder did. We had to close the school a few times to lift concrete panels across existing buildings. It was a challenging one to build, but it’s there now. “...the play of the light through the windows and the coloured glass is really how the building connects to the outside.” GARRY THOMPSON, ARCHITECT