VISION Issue 31 - Page 35

35 In so many magazine articles, often in the awards, everything from paint colour to tap-fittings are listed. When it comes to the glass, no reference is made. This treating it as a hole in the wall, left over by the builder that could be clad in cellophane is a consistent oversight. It's a good observation and one I can’t really answer. It could be that a lot of the glass selected is on a technical issue and involves a series of calculations performed by specialist façade engineers, or by people such as those from Viridian. There can be a whole raft of people who will influence that, whereas most architects would be over the detail of selecting a tap or tile themselves, or through people within their office. They might rely on all of the above to advise them on the glass. That might be part of that issue. Do you have a standout, or project highlight? Being down there on a Sunday and seeing it in full swing. It’s fantas X