VISION Issue 31 - Page 32

VISION 31—IN SEARCH OF A COMMUNITY VIBE How important is the glazing to delivering a performance product that opens up to this setting, yet is so instrumental in meeting tough Green-Star ratings. Of course. In every building glass is a very significant component of sustainability and where we endeavour to provide visual permeability to invite and engage the public. What level of assistance did Viridian provide by way of samples, expertise or advice? We rely on Viridian for all of this and they provide a great service in that respect. The technical aspects of glass have grown exponentially in terms of performance and types of glazing relative to use in recent years. It requires more assistance through the design phase to ensure that we use the glass most appropriate for the energy and sustainability standards, as well as providing the right type of glass to complement the design intent. 32 Previous page: A central indoor/outdoor play and gathering area allows a heightened waterfront connection. Above: Boat storage below and admin. Left: Areas above reveal an unorthodox combination of community services.