VISION Issue 31 - Page 22

VISION 31—IN SEARCH OF A COMMUNITY VIBE 22 Vision’s Peter Hyatt discusses the project with Robert Stent of Hayball about a long, low-rise building with sky-high ambitions for Melbourne’s waterfront: PH It's one of the smallest waterfront structures, if not the smallest on Victoria Harbour, yet distills more into it than its much larger neighbours. RS That's an interesting observation given that there are so many inert large-scale residential buildings. Then you have large, campus style office buildings with their own inner life and urban environment where people spend most of their time. Our little building is alive seven days a week and six of those days are about providing community services. On the weekend, it comes alive in another way with boating activity. It really spills out onto the wharf and down to the water between the dock square and the dock. It creates a small intimate space for boating and children. But this almost has an umbilical cord to the water with its permeable façade and that long ramp to the water. It’s part community building and part multi-faceted clubhouse. This is a little more ad hoc and shed-like than say, the library building with its flexibility of use. Right: Glass is critical to the project’s success as public window and ‘invitation’. Below: Viridian’s Vanceva colored glass range on the northern facade produces a subtle activation and visual warmth to interiors.