VISION Issue 31 - Page 10

VISION 31—RISING STAR  virtual iceberg with nine-tenths below the surface? A The lift goes down to car park basement level two, and is designed to connect with the ground level, multi-event space, mid terrace level and the roof top park. The flexible design has provision to connect with a possible mid-level if a future use dictates the construction of a new floor through the space. Structurally the whole building is ready for that. There's an incredible amount that goes on in the building and incorporated into the design that you never see. This is a very complicated project. Elements of the lift core had to work super hard. The core incorporates space for future servicing, the café exhaust systems, all waste and vent pipes up and down the building are all reticulated through a side services core. All of this is wrapped as delicately as possible. The frit pattern on the glass helped dissolve the glazing into the landscape. And yet you would hardly want this camouflaged. No, but we were also concerned it would be quite dominant. The ceramic frit pattern glass layered over steel and concrete, really helps reduce its effect on the landscape by reducing its intensity a few notches and really contributes to its delicacy. What about the glazing? There’s nothing off-the-shelf about this is there? It’s a laminated glass system. We wanted as low an iron content glass that we could and that is why we chose Viridian SuperClear™. We solved this with a doublelayered system of SuperClear™ and tough fritted laminate interlayer for extra strength. The frit is encapsulated between those two layers—the frit is thus protected. Elegant steel ‘bones’ reveal a great clarity of workmanship, ideas and function for place. 10