VISION Issue 16 - Page 34

34 Vision Magazine You make quite a statement with your glazing. I just was very conscious about the opportunity created by each new opening. The project was small, so we concentrated on those incisions and their details. We worked closely with the fabricator so we understood the glass and ensured the frames were as fine as possible and installed flush with the brickwork. It’s a big part of the ambition to transform the atmosphere of that house which was claustrophobic with lots of enclosed rooms. We had to edit the number of rooms and then to create the atmosphere in the house using light and shade. Is it more important to add or subtract with architecture? What you leave out, definitely. That gives your spaces so much more flexibility. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re denying the client? Not at all. It’s about including only what is essential, avoiding clutter, installing the right furniture and then enjoying living there. That’s what they’ve done here. Is there one lesson you take with you from this project? That every project contributes to your understanding of architecture. Credits Project Manly Residence, Sydney Engineers SDA Structures Architect Archer Breakspear/Tomahawk Studios Glazing Contractor Steve Jones ARA Windows Builder Cre8ive Building Projects A new sliding glass door to the rear garden. Daylight Saving Principal Glass Provider Viridian Principal Glazing Viridian ComfortPlusTM