VISION Issue 16 - Page 21

21 Are you surprised at how many architects and building designers appear to be quite so unaware about the glass that winds up in their projects? KC: Glass technology is changing so rapidly that it can take a lot of time for an architect to stay abreast of up-to-date information. A good fabricator who is prepared to sit down and discuss the issues and glazing demands is invaluable. How important are the pivoting bedroom windows to the overall design? KC: They’re fundamental. Certainly in summer the slightest air-flow is important. Rather than rely on mechanical cooling this design optimizes breezes and comfort levels. The big pivot doors offer a whole other freedom channeling air into the house. A big issue in Queensland is insect protection. You can’t just have vast, unprotected open spaces up here and expect to use them without being carried away by mosquitoes. LC: Of an evening those windows lock for security, but provide ventilation. That’s quite a critical detail to ensure you have both. The best advice for architects working on a modest residential scale and budget where clients expect blockbuster results? KC: Work with the potential of the site and climate. Window design is fundamental to this approach. Credits Project Granny Flat, Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Architect Clare Design – Kerry and Lindsay Clare Project Team Lindsay Clare, Kerry Clare, David Currie, Britta Wingender Contractor ClareBuild Carefully scaled windows provide balanced views and light. Engineer Mark Traucnieks Glazier Wayne Burt, Window Makers Principal Glass Provider Viridian Principal Glazing Viridian VTough Clear throughout