VISION Issue 16 - Page 11

11 Peter Hyatt, author of two books on the Clares’ – Local Heroes, Architects of Australia’s Sunshine Coast and Art House – Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, visited the project to investigate a granny flat with a difference: How would you summarize the project: Lindsay Clare: It’s essentially a two-storey box placed six metres behind a 1950s fibro-shack on a long, narrow site. The two buildings are connected by a roofed-deck that allow occupants to come together, or retreat, as required. It’s an unconventional flat. More of a pavilion in many ways isn’t it? Kerry Clare: It’s about providing uncomplicated, flexible planning across two levels. Each level has an open studio space that can be sub-divided by sliding screens for living and sleeping and both have attached bathrooms. It also explores the idea of the intergenerational house for an extended family of grandparents, married children and grand-children to co-habitate within the two dwellings on a 400m2 suburban lot.