Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 87

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Colleagues I have met and worked with some very special colleagues through eTwinning. I am very sad to report that one of the teachers in the school in Rome, Susanna Serpe, passed away during the project. I met Susanna in Lisbon at an eTwinning conference and she became a very dear colleague; we worked on a number of projects together. Even despite the language difficulties caused by her illness, she tried to follow the project and asked Paola Arduini to report to everyone how she missed the school and eTwinning projects. She was always very supportive and enthusiastic and I will greatly miss her. UK Prize The project was awarded the accolade of best UK eTwinning project for 2014-2015 at the UK national conference in June 2015. The assessor's comments included: “…encompasses the whole school team approach, fully collaborative and delivering motivating active-learning actions throughout; immaculately planned, delivered and recorded on the twin space to an extremely high standard; use of innovative technologies to ensure full partner participation and engagement is outstanding, with live joint Carol singing and highly creative crosscurricular activities; genuinely integrated into the school curriculum and those of the partner schools; very imaginative feedback processes employed in this project, evaluations from the students and staff; a classic eTwinning project and the legacy materials generated provide a wonderful resource for others to use; a most impressive and exemplary eTwinning project.” We also had some goo