Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 82

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------endeavour. What we loved about MeetingWords was the chat feature that enabled students to plan and discuss before, while, after writing and gave us teachers a peek into the dynamics of the writing activity. visuals in collaborative creative writing activities? How can photography taking techniques positively influence composition writing? How can we pair students to stimulate the creative flow of ideas and promote new language acquisition? The beauty of eTwinning is that we can further explore these topics and experiment by launching yet another thrilling project. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The small children and the greatest composers by Svetla Popova eTwinning is a wonderful way in which teachers can go to look for new ideas and interesting methods for working with children. These projects provoke us - to think, to be curious, to share our experience. They charge us and inspire. The benefits of implementing eTwinning projects in education are sufficiently proven in time. The effective international cooperation is simultaneously implementing innovative teaching methods, an incentive for self-improvement and professional qualification. Very important condition for success and mutual benefit is finding a suitable partner. I had the exceptional luck to meet Małgorzata Kalińska from Poland - incredible professional and methodist. We created the “European composers” to exchange ideas on enrichment of compulsory educational content of the subject Music in preschool. Throughout the collaborative creative writing activities, especially in mixed-nationality groups, but not only, students had to interact in English in order to generate ideas, produce, edit and improve the quality of their narrative texts. Along the way, students had to negotiate meaning and structure and to make their writing more comprehensible concentrating on coherence and cohesion rather than mechanics. Another important observation was that more linguistically able students helped their peers by asking questions to clarify the meaning of words and ideas and offered support and guidance. Also, the students made recommendations to their peers regarding books that could make an interesting read, thus stirring their curiosity and whetting their appetite for reading. As in any project, there are questions that left us teachers pondering. How can we better exploit I can talk for hours about the wonderful partnership and friendship with children from Poland and incredible Małgorzata. I will begin with: Why the project is innovative? “European Composers” completely changed the standard music lessons in both countries organization of classrooms, learning content, teaching methods and communication. 82