Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 77

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Path structure The project was divided into the following phases: 1st phase: "research partner schools and collaborative writing project" 1. The design process started by the proposed design launched by Ambassador Bridget Clement in a designated area of the desktop, called "find eTwinners", the eTwinning Portal, which can be reached after a recording in the home. Through this function, the proposal was viewed by all faculty members and the community, those concerned have expressed their intention to participate. Subsequently, with the consent of an English teacher, the project was sent to the National Support Service for approval. The Italian teacher and English teacher, with the approval of the project, have become the founding partners of the project, all the others, however, partner administrators. The difference is purely operational, because the content and activities all partners are treated. 2. With the approval, the project became operational nell'are dedicated the TwinSpace where, as a first step, was shared a map of work in order to the different phases of the project, on which the partners have agreed on the design process. 3. The success of a project, in fact, is entrusted not only to attain the objectives, but also - and perhaps especially - the design process followed. For a European project is essential to assess how the mutual involvement of the partners. 4. The teachers of the different partner schools have started to design considering the idea and themes from which moved the project to direct activities towards the achievement of shared goals as a team work. But also and above all built in collaboration with distant actors, representatives of different cultures, adopting new ways of working, leaving us to question, in an exchange that virtuality can make frequent, allowing you to manage the "as you want, whenever you want, wherever want "information, much better than the meetings in person. In eTwinning project, perhaps more than in other experiences of collaboration, the European value of the experience is inherent in the way of dialogue taken to effectively implement cooperation. Since then exchanges that take place through information and communication technologies, it was important to acquire and implement new technical skills, and the ability of evaluation and selection of tools to be adopted for the different activities of the project. 2nd phase: "To work together to know each ..." The partner schools, Italy, England, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia have used the space for the eTwinning platform, the TwinSpace, to communicate via chat and forums, and to share personal presentations, the schools and the territory carried out by teachers with the help of the students, with application software (PowerPoint), online tools (Glogster) or directly on the pages of the wiki TwinSpace. As part of this approach, media education, and then choose the right tool and learn how to use it for what it offered by the instrument, was used to fully grasp the meaning of a twinning. The pupils have had a real reason to learn to use a new instrument and the teachers have a methodological approach to teaching operation, based on the