Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 75

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------eTwinning at school for the construction of European citizenship by Brigida Clemente Abstract The collaboration between English language specialist Brigida Clemente (an English teacher who has a B2 level of English) and Cristina Garruto, 4th grade Elementary School Teacher ("De Amicis-Altamura" school of Foggia) has been the collaboration that, behind the involvement of students and their families, has started the eTwinning project entitled "Comparison of fairy tales", aimed at encouraging the learning of the English language, the use of ICT and the intercultural dialogue. Through this experience the students have learned to work together, on the eTwinning portal, with their classmates and with pupils from other countries. In this project the partner schools have worked together to transform a “typical tale of their country” in a presentation, created with software applications such as PowerPoint (with the designs of the students, photos, and their personal narratives and descriptions), with specific tools and online videos on YouTube. To make this experience even more concrete in the school, pupils have achieved the objects related to history, they have organized a show on the project at the end of the year, and invited their families. The schools are preparing for an exchange of hospitality among students. Introduction The realization of an eTwinning project by the specialist teacher of English Brigida Clemente, Ambassador eTwinning for the Puglia region, made it possible to start a process of change, "internationalization computerized", with the aim of opening the school to the community dimension education and to promote transnational cooperation with other schools in Europe through the use of ICT, in order to help create and strengthen a shared sense of European citizenship. Participation in the project has, in fact, offered to teachers and students involved the opportunity to work together with colleagues and peers from schools in other European countries participating in the project on a topic of common interest, through a European platform for communities practices of teachers.  The work was carried out through a twinning, as part of a platform, called eTwinning precisely, where it is possible for teachers and students know each other, communicate and collaborate in a secure, simple and fast in order to learn mode and innovative and quality teaching that      "exploit" new technologies and digital content. It is a form of innovation in education and organizational: European initiative created to integrate information and communication technologies in education systems and training and educating the understanding, enjoyment and production of media tools, through e-twinning of European primary and secondary schools. Introduced in 2004 as an action of the eLearning program, it is since 2007 part of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 (Decision of the European Parliament and Council no. 1720/2006 / EC), today Europe 2020 Strategy. Working with schools in different countries, provided an opportunity to both pupils and teachers is to, on the one hand, to deepen and improve their knowledge of the subject on which is based the project by comparing and sharing, for a another, to increase its ability to work in groups, planning and undertaking collaborative activities, to use information and communications technology, to educate the conscious use and proper tool of communication, improve the ability to communicate in other languages increasing their motivation. The teachers have implemented, by integrating an eTwinning project in teaching, these methodological principles, called by the National Guidelines for the Curriculum, learning through new technologies. Making this complex web of elements - Design, Technology, Documentation - fully exploiting the potential of teaching experience of working with a European has allowed to obtain the quality of an eTwinning project that, in fact, was worthy of several awards, national and Europe: Label for the recognition of the quality of European projects in the Italian school, national competition "Europe is changing the school" 2013 edition, Ministry of Education 75