Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 67

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------pupils were keen to work on the project. They worked in small groups collaboratively, supporting and helping each other, sharing and taking turns fairly. The pupils used technology to further the work of the project. For example, they used a camera to take photos of their school, classroom, favourite toys and/or activities to make a school’s presentation to the partners. They also used the computer programme ( to create avatars and a collaborative drawing tool, namely a realtimeboard programme, to create a joint cover of the fairy tale. The whiteboard was used to play interactive games and learn about different countries and flags. Staff and myself used different computer programmes, such as Slideshare, Padlet, Voki, issuu, Tripadvisor, Tagxedo, PowerPoint and Realtimeboard, to present activities for the children, create a joint book and evaluate the project ( =10776030/1319363). The technology used was one of the strengths of the project because of some partners familiar with some digital applications and contributed greatly to IT skills on pupils. We use Google apps for the construction of questionnaires and collect responses. We used digital map-Tripline. We use different applications for filming and posting movies on Youtoube. We use PowToon and Padlet for presentations. We created a project logo using an application –LogoGarden. We used an online poll. We used different applications for QR codes. We used digital .We built Wordclouds-Taxgedo. The project added an international value for the children, school and myself. The pupils had an opportunity to explore and learn about various countries and cultures and work with the partners from different countries. Their language and literacy skills, creativity and imagination have been enhanced and ICT skills have been developed. They will have an opportunity to meet their friends on Skype in June.The project also had an impact on me as a teacher. I worked collaboratively with other teachers and had an opportunity to use some computer programmes. The school benefited from participating in this project by making links with different schools. The most successful result of the project was creating a joint fairy tale with the partners from other countries. The progress is seen throughout the project. The outcomes of the project are evaluated through pupils’, partners’ and staff questionnaires in the evaluation section. The project will also be shown to parents and they will be asked to provide feedback about the project. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 67