Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 48

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Continuity – experience – eTwinning by Teresa Zeppa teacher was in Italy with her husband: a good occasion to have dinner together in Salerno! Virgilio Iandiorio: β€œThe newsletter that Daniela Arghir Bunea has been putting together for some years is an event not to be missed. Because we compare varied and important eTwinning experiences, that schools of Europe realize with enthusiasm and competence. Now that I'm no longer in service, I can look at my experience eTwinning as the observer from the bridge, watching the river water that flows under him. And in front of me, go, like in a movie, the first contacts established with schools in Poland (ten or more years ago) and then with France, Spain ... and the things made. What about the difficulties of the language of communication? Many No problems for me, I did not know many English words. No one is silent when he/she has something to communicate, and then he/she comes from a region (Campania) where the gesture is an effective aid language. eTwinning is learning for pupils and for teachers, it is personal involvement, it is "contagion" spreading in the school. Now, even though I am far away from the classroom, eTwinning continues in the institute, Liceo Classico di Pietradefusi, where I did my work , thanks to colleague Teresa Zeppa, which "tells" her experience as a teacher and as an ambassador, in her contribution to this Newsletter no. 5.” During this year we have had an eTwinning project about Orientation with a school of Romania. Students of the last year wrote emails about universities and opportunities in the two countries: some of the Italian students are probably going to study there! Without eTwinning they would not have known these opportunities. From and old project, a cultural exchange was born with the Gymnazium in Brezice (Slovenia). This exchange has been brought on for many years: one year a delegation of about three teachers and thirty students go to Slovenia from Italy. The students are hosted in the families. The following year the Slovenian friends come to Italy. Wonderful occasion to speak English, to learn Slovenian and Italian words, to appreciate different food and nice sightseeing. Next year... we will certainly begin a new eTwinning project! About five years ago I had the honour and the pleasure to be named eTwinning Ambassador by the National Agency Indire in Florence. We had some meetings in different towns (Pistoia, Rimini) where we met colleagues from all over Italy and we exchanged ideas about projects. Since then I have organized meetings in different schools to bring this new form of teaching, which involves languages, IT and all the subjects that teachers want. In every school I have found colleagues willing to know, to understand, to motivate students. Working on eTwinning has been a very beautiful experience and one of the best parts of my job! I was introduced to eTwinning by my ex headmaster, Mr Virgilio Iandiorio, who has always been a true European Citizen. These exchanges open students' mind on European experience, European possibilities, new friends.....Only through knowledge we can reach respect and friendship among European people from different countries. One of my first projects was:"Medical herbs", with a school from Czech Republic. During the school year students sent email about medical herbs, their importance in the past, their actual use....W