Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 39

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------tasks into electronic form. In the following IT classes students were taught about a very popular Web 2.0 tool Zondle and used it to create e-quizzes on renewable energy sources. In this project the partner school was IES Clara Campoamor Alaquas, a technical school (a high school) from Spain. Due to the different structure of education the students were of the similar age (14). Students led by their teacher David Navarro explored the topic within the syllabi of vocational subjects. A thematic quiz via videoconference was held, and the questions prepared by the teams were published on the school website turned into a Zondle quiz, so that everybody could check their knowledge. The following example of a successful integration of English and IT is the project ˝Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi, Russia“ with partners from all over Europe. Students of grade 7 were involved in this project. Since the topic of sport is a part of the Croatian national plan and programme of English for grade 7, this important event served as a useful link to the topic. Within classes of English students expanded their vocabulary of winter sports. As a part of communicational activities they got the assignment to make dialogues to the theme of favourite winter sports and following the Winter Olympics. Within classes of IT students were made familiar with the Web 2.0 tool Go!Animate for creation of short animated films. As 6th graders students were presented the basic features of this tool. They were taught how to create an animated film choosing the characters and the background and entering their own text. In this way they practised their spelling: incorrectly typed words are interpreted by the equally incorrect pronunciation by the programme, which is recognized by most students, and they are able to self-correct their spelling mistakes. options: entering text in word clouds, adjusting the character movement, choosing the face expression and background music. They turned their previously written dialogues into interesting short animated films which our project partners liked very much. Conclusion The advantages of eTwinning project