Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 36

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Three months after completing the project, in December 2014, the students of II Primary School Čakovec were surveyed again. The goal of the survey was to see if the project had fulfilled its aims. 54 students of grade 5 and 8 in the school year 2014/2015 were surveyed – the students who participated in the project in the previous school year and were still primary school students. The results offer the conclusion that carrying out the project on the theme of e-waste was justified and that the project had a positive impact on the students’ attitude towards e-waste. The following example of integrating eTwinning projects into classes of IT is the project ˝Sustainable Energy – Clean Energy for the Future˝ which was awarded with Croatian national award Comet 2013. Students created educational and fun materials where they presented the use of renewable energy sources with a special emphasis on their homeland. A videoconference was held with partners from Spain and a joint online survey was carried out. The project was integrated into classes of IT of grade 6 within the units Internet, Creating Presentations and Multimedia. Projects tasks to develop information and communications skills and learning about Web 2.0 tools were planned for grades 7 and 8. In this project pupils learned how to use Prezi, Pixton, Glogster, ProProfs flashcards, Goanimate, Zondle, ProProfs games. 36