Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 32

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photography beyond borders by Diana Chirilă and Pénzesné Győr Enikő The 13th edition of the Romanian IT Competition “DUAL PC” took place in April 2015 in Sibiu. The organizing team decided to take one step further in the life of this competition: to upgrade it to international level. The participants from Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Romania competed in the photography section. The topic of this academic year 2014-2015 was “Wonders of Mother Nature”, to which the contestants submitted 140 photographs. A part of them are uploaded onto the competition site This is the winning photograph: Introductory remarks on Citizenship Competences embedded in the curriculum by Carmine Iannicelli A significant feature of eTwinning is the possibility of planning a multifaceted syllabus. As a matter of fact, the objectives of some micro-paths you can design in an eTwinning project aim at strengthening skills and competences of different kinds which can easily be embedded into the curriculum: - linguistic: decoding of texts and use of the vocabulary and content studied for communicative purposes - in the mother tongue and/or in foreign languages - according to the CEFR levels; - meta-cognitive: use of various reading strategies: previewing - questioning to understand and remember - outlining and summarizingcomparing and contrasting interrelated texts; problem solving skills applied to the identification and selection of sources and content data corresponding to the core concepts; ability to work cooperatively teaming up with other groups; strategies for the sharing of materials. - digital: aware and effective use of search engines (learning to learn); social network usage to share. However, at your planning stage, even if the learning objectives have been quite clearly set, you may not have any observation grids for an accurate evaluation. Enhancing the level of citizenship competences requires an analytical planning s stage of your eTwinning project (you cannot just spell out the key competences you are aiming at) and constant feedback during the implementation and at the final stage of your project. To get a full awareness of the extent to which these skills have been acquired, a grid for different purposes may be helpful. Taking into consideration the success of this event, the organizing team has decided to introduce one more section to the international level competition: the project presentation. This section will be open to students of classes 9th-12th, students of 15-19 years old for next academic year. We are looking forward to meeting you the next academic year! Actually, it may be very difficult to give a proper assessment while implementing projects whose objective is not only getting some knowledge but also activating several resources aiming at specific goals: cognitive, practical, social, methodological, personal. The Key competences for lifelong learning, as set by the Recommendation 2006/962/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006, are a combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to the context. In particular, they are 32