Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 3

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lina Pereira: From postcards to stone culture, eTwinning has no limits – page 46 Teresa Zeppa: Continuity – experience – eTwinning – page 48 Christina Drakopoulou: Diagnostic test, medication or maybe powerful antidote to the European (socio-moral) crisis? eTwinning can do it! – page 49 Xanthie Chouliara and Irineos Georgiou: Social inclusion through eTwinning projects: RED BALL – page 50 Sandra Macabre: eTwinning, an experience booster – page 55 Emine Cag: My eTwinning – page 56 Theodora Gkeniou: Learnenglish+ - Put a plus in language learning – page 57 Eva Buyuksimkesyan, Talar Bedikoglu and Zabel Boyaciyan: What were we up to as the eTwinning club in 2014-2015? – page 58 Web 2.0 Compass Area: - Francoise Altamura: Matching pairs on images – page 61 - Loredana Popa: Aurasma – teaching and learning with Augmented Reality – page 61 Ingrid Gallardo Sundqvist: Stepping ahead in our way of teaching – page 64 Eric Vayssie and Eleni Harzavalou: Project trailers – page 65 Vasilica Gazdac: Digital resources at early ages in the eTwinning project “Fairytale between cultures” – page 66 Mariella Fasanelli: eTwinning teachers as realistic designers of learning environments – page 68 Umit Cicek: eTwinning for professional development and to boost student motivation – page 69 Nieves Méndez: eTwinning for a change! – page 70 Laura Rita Pitariu: Closing the gap between family and school: The role of digital technologies – eTwinning professional develo