Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 25

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Technology has been used to further the work of the MAVEN project both by our partners and our team of teachers and pupils in our school to achieve some presentations, adaptations, survey results, the most used websites being:,,, We realized the composition of polls by means of using,, Google Docs. In order to achieve all the tasks suggested by the project founders from Latvia and Estonia, we used imaging tools such as:,, Among the other IT tools used in order to make tests, dictionaries, games and worksheets, I can mention:,,, Besides, we were delighted to use film processing tools like Smilebox,,, All the time we shared impressions about the used tools and we tried together Web Presentation Tools and rankings like:,,,,,, Videoconferencing, Virtual learning environment, Web publishing by using or Skype helped us to accomplish our goals for the eight project pages in the work process: 1) Our Timetable; 2) Getting to Know Each Other; 3) Project Logo and Heroes; 4) Meet Experts; 5) Mathematicians’ & Writers’ Club; 6) Experts’ Performance; 7) Skype Lessons; 8) Evaluation. us to prepare guidelines for conference as CLIL for advanced Mathematics and English teachers. The illustrated book of mathematical puzzles is a result for whose achievement we are very proud. The collection of mathematical exercises in English will be a good teaching material for each teacher in any project we implement. The calendar “Mathematicians of All Time” will stay in the bookshelves of our schools libraries, at the disposal of whatever person who want to see the beauty of the eTwinning products. The CD with films created by all partners was entitled by us “MAVEN Cinema”. A great impact of this project is the contact with pupils and teachers from different countries to engage in other projects. The results of these contacts were the new methodologies, ideas for teaching and learning Mathematics and English. Most achievements and results can be used outside the project: presentations, workbooks, games, quizzes, competitions, films, web pages. This project experience suggested us a partnership agreement in order to launch a similar project next school year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By our involvement in this amazing project, we managed to make our school staff and pupils to improve knowledge of Mathematics, English and social and teamwork skills. The project ideas helped 25