Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 24

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------program. Each participant pupil or teacher introduced themselves with a unique acrostic poem. Each line had to be connected with Mathematics. There was only one rule: to be creative. All the time we have evaluated our work by filling in the survey on the “Evaluation” page. By adding monthly our teams most active members to the page “Hall of Fame”, we managed to make partners more enthusiastic in their work. Concerning English as a foreign language, we used video and audio conferences. Besides, they chose appropriate vocabulary themes in English which were the support for learning how to use Quizlet, ProProfs, Learning Apps etc., by forming vocabulary tests, studies or games, genuine resources for other classes. Our pupils created a small dictionary of mathematical terms in English. We integrated Informatics into our existing curriculum by using various online IT tools of using TwinSpace (film, PowerPoint presentations, SlideBoom, AuthorStream, Kizoa, PictureTrail, etc.). For Geography, we achieved the partner countries and schools location on a map of Europe, videoconferences about mathematics in relation continents. At Mathematics we integrated European methods for teaching and learning natural numbers, integers, fractions, coordinated plan, points, lines, angles, polygons, equations and inequalities. History was reflected by presenting our national traditions, in activities like “Math and English on holidays”, “Getting to know each other”. Arts were integrated for the logo creation using digital tools, Christmas paintings and drawings to illustrate the online book. Literature knowledge helped us in composing acrostics poems on behalf of partners by using mathematical terms and in the writing chapters for the online book using Boomwriter within the workshop entitled “Mathematicians and Writers’ Club”. impressions about their hobbies and even on educational systems. The pupils and teachers of our gymnasium school were pleased to see the cooperation between all partners involved in this project. Our school leadership was always a real support to us. My pupils were very glad to participate actively in the three discussion forums created for “Pupils” in TwinSpace: “Describe Yourself in Three Words”, “My Hobby”, “About Me” and they were very joyful to discover this wonderful manner of communication. We had collaboration activities which went beyond communication: competitions, contests