Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 19

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10th anniversary of eTwinning in the Zespół Szkół w Pobiedziskach, Poland - 10 urodziny eTwinning by Magdalena Goc This year we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of eTwinning – transnational programme of collaboration of kindergartens and schools and promoting teachers’ professional development. For the first time the date 7th May became Transnational eTwinning Day. That is why in Zespół Szkół in Pobiedziska, Poland we organized an interesting celebration with videoconference with our partners form Crete. While communicating in a Virtual Classroom, our Greek partners prepared for us a surprise – posters with an invitation to their beautiful country in Polish (without mistakes!), wishes for holidays and a melorecitation (wrap) of one of Homer’s song. The school I would like During the years I meet virtually many friends; between them Gianfranco Zavalloni and I share perfectly what he was writing about slow school. It is also true that in eTwinning I meet a big number of teachers sharing those ideas: a school taking care of pupils’ needs, motivating them and doing – slowly – big projects. So thanks to all the friends I have met and who helped me during 10 years of eTwinning! Our pupils participated in an Art competition on 10th eTwinning anniversary and we announced this contest’s results just on that day. At the end of the videoconference each partner sang “Happy Birthday” in their own language and then together in English. The meeting organizers in our school – Ewa Olszewska and myself – prepared nice prizes for the most hardworking students and… a sweet surprise: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19