Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 17

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------on some kind of project as we do not have right tools available for. But planning carefully iyìt is always possible to manage comunication, not always directly but in asyncrounus way . ~~~ So we choose to work on project with many possibility of communication and we hare very happy about the choose we made. During first 2 years in eTwinning we did not make many projects due to: difficulties in tools, not the same goals of the partners, bad relationship between us. But I can assure you those years gave me the possibility of better understanding the way I could work in eTwinning and the points to discuss before starting a project. ~~~ Conferences between pupils are very important in any project and where it was possible we used as motivation instrument for our pupils. Le real activity of comunicating with others pupils is really giving a lot of interest of the pupils in the project. But we receive as teachers the instructions about tools giving possibilities of a asyncronous comunication: in this case it is important to have a good planning between partners in order to keep interest running during the project workout. ~~~ I am a technical teacher but among the best projects we participated in we had some on poetry and exchanges of short written pieces from our students. Overcoming language problems we understood pupils are easily in connection between them and nor the language, the tools are a really problem. ~~~ Teacher Learning Event I partecipate, during the years, to many learning event giving possibility of comparing, sharing, working together , and getting a better aknoledge of the way the school is working all ove the Europe. Many new programs, new way of teaching, some special educational needs has been discussed in a very large comunity of teachers. I always participate with a good willing, as well as others teachers, to LE during last 6 years. ~~~ 17