Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 14

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------knowledge and skills are intertwined, and where they have been able to free their spirit of initiative and taste the satisfaction of reaching goals which they have never coveted and desired. The experience of eTwinning has become an indispensable tool in the teaching / learning processes within the different courses of our school. Thanks to eTwinning hundreds young Melitesi have shortened the distance among their European peers, it has allowed them to confront them. Talking about eTwinning with colleagues and students always produces a certain impact. They have not been very confident with e-twinning, however, thanks to the latest achievements, they have begun to be interested in this experience in its widest meaning: multiculturalism. At the end of the event, but not as the last thing to single out on such a day, full of subject matter, we can admit that only the idea of working as a team with the help of the new technologies, can really help us let our students grow up and mature, as well as it giveswe teachers, who "patiently" take care of them, the satisfaction that the work we do in the classroom doesn’t make us only evaluate a given content by expressing a mark , but our work has a real value if it can contribute to rise interest and enthusiasm in children, if we are successful in giving them some hints to make them acquire a new way of thinking. The relevance of our teaching and educational action is valid only if we contribute to our pupils’ personal growth. It’s clear that, if from one side the use of the impact with the technological – educational innovation has been accepted with some reluctance by a large number of teachers, from the other side more and more teachers have adopted the eTwinning methodology within their syllabus, which allowed them to improve their teaching so much that they have got results above their initial expectations. A school that guarantees the interaction among the counties by breaking down the country borders, "here and now", allows a continuous training of both students and teachers, confidence with the new technologies, but above all, it increases the sense of belonging to the European Union. During the event, after the introduction about the advantages of the eTwinning platform, numerous foreign partners, teachers and students, who have worked in the school projects during this school year, took part in the conversation. The event ended with the cutting of the cake and with the hope that, in the near future, our school may get some more awards to confirm the great validity of teaching and learning with eTwinning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14