Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 13

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------representatives and one of the school involved also its Belgian partners, making it a very nice way to celebrate eTwinning in Europe. teaching skills: each of them made me a bit better! I would have never imagined running a webinar myself for European Ambassadors about "TwinSpace and its technical characteristics"! So while I learnt new things I also shared my knowledge with other teachers contributing to diffusion of eTwinning principles from local school communities to regional, national and European ones. Considering that I joined eTwinning in 2007, I must admit that I have come a long way from then, changing my teaching methods and my idea of "good school" thanks to all my mentor friends who "infected" me with their enthusiasm. At the end of the celebrations, after the Chinese lanterns and balloons, I invited all the audience to join the AperiTwinning, to taste all the handmade specialities cooked by the students themselves. Now I want to greet my travel companions saying: "Have a nice summer, relax and collect new ideas for the next school year; we have a new exciting eTwinning school year ahead of us!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eTwinning’s tenth birthday at “Familiari” secondary school by Domenico Marino, Francesca Zampaglione and Caterina Praticò Celebrating 10 years with eTwinning in our school concurred to celebrate 10 years of successes and awards. It was with pride and satisfaction that on May 7th 2015, we were very pleased to celebrate thiseventin the conference hall of the "Lieutenant Colonel John Familiari" secondary school of Melito di Porto Salvo. This celebration was a great success, skilled teachers shared their knowledge with the less experienced ones, and it was so inspiring that I was asked to run two more eTwinning training seminars by the participating schools before the school year ending! You can see the whole celebration here:, and Finally, how could I forget the winter afternoons spent with my eTwinner friends joining the webinars organized by my NSS or by the CSS? I improved my professional development thanks to these online meetings, stretching my personal and During these ten years, our school has been involved in 26 projects, eleven of which have been very successful, and some of them got several national and European Quality Labels as the best projects in French and English languages. In the )