Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group Newsletter no. 5 - July 2015 - Page 12

Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group July 2015 Newsletter -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------organization of a teacher seminar in my school to point out the key role played by eTwinning in Key Action 1 and Key Action 2. It was a very successful meeting, which motivated other teachers of my school to be active eTwinners! I hosted one of the meetings in my school, on the topic of "eTwinning in students' and teachers' development". In this meeting I presented my personal experience, and my students expressed what eTwinning had meant in their life as 21st century students and as European citizens. They were very excited for the chance they had to demonstrate what competencies and skills they had acquired thanks to the eTwinning projects they had joined, three projects awarded with the EQL! Here you can see the testimonial by one of the students, Francesca: In my school eTwinning is part of our everyday life. For example, last December we prepared an eTwinning Stand to support funding for Fondazione Telethon, a major Italian charity supporting research on genetic diseases, during the Open Day School. In January 2015 I started working on the new Erasmus +programme, according to the development plan of the Regional Board of Education. I am particularly proud of the And while planning my institute’s KA1 project and running the eTwinning project with my second year students, suddenly it was time to organize the celebration for eTwinning’s 10th Birthday. The students were very excited and put forward a lot of interesting ideas: the creation of the human logo, a wishing video, a flags parade, a Chinese lanterns and balloons release and... and... and... We had only to make them reality! So I decided to organize the meeting "Let's celebrate together" on 9th May, with representatives of the USR and of some schools of my district, invited to share their experiences and to prepare a short activity to wish Happy Birthday to eTwinning. My invitation was accepted by three high schools and by an elementary one; all the teachers were together with some student 12