VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 03. (April 2018) - Page 6

Letter From The Editor “Vulnerability is the least celebrated emotion in our society.” — Mohadesa Najumi Like many of our private experiences, these pages encompasses moments of striking vibrancy as well as striking pain. To our readers, I need to preface that this issue is not an easy read or quick visual experience; as individual truths of sexual assault, discrimination, and depression are made evident throughout this collaborative project. There is something deeply beautiful to me about our contributors trusting us with their many truths, which makes it possible to pair the honesty of injustice with equally honest experiences of growth — of fulfilling intimacy, of pride in one’s identity, of happiness as resistance, and more. The dynamism in content and contributors makes this job as your EIC soul-fulfilling. I’m elated to have realized this vision for a publication over the past three years, and to have an incredibly FVvFgV&Gv&rBFVFVBFVF6FVRF2v&FFRgWGW&Rw&FGVFPw&FGVFRw&FGVFR2vB6VBw&FR&WBf"F2FBFR( BFRFR&VFW"f"rW2WN( 26VV'&FPgVW&&ƗG7&VFfGBf6&ƗGFvWFW"vFfR6֖P@