VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 03. (April 2018) - Page 23

interactions and experience with the world. Look out for when White, Western, wealthy, heterosexual, patriarchal, ableist, settler-colonial norms are silencing you, and perhaps even more crucially, when they may be leading you to silence others. Fight back against the forces that threaten to silence you, and find allyship in those whose moral compass points towards inclusive, compassionate humanity and radical liberation from power asymmetry. Actively work to know your blind spots – places where your privilege and power may make you the oppressor rather than the oppressed – and act in solidarity with those in chains, so that we work together to all become free. During your journey in this troubled world, find time to care for yourself. Find love, hope, peace, and support from others, and draw energy from engaging with your pas- sions. Especially as you grow older, you may choose to engage with your personal history as much or as little as you’d like. I believe there is spiritual richness in exploring your past. I will caution you that there will likely also be trauma. A good friend of mine, who is adopted himself, once told me that there is trauma in adoption. It struck me as a foreign concept at the time, but I am starting to realize how this is true. &RR6fB6RG'WFBf"W'6VbFF( B&Rg&BF6VVV2VVFVBFv&F&VvW"7F'ऒ&V6v旦RFBW"W'67F&W2&F6fW&vRBFfW&vRBFRfvpBVFR'WB( B&R&V֗72bFBB6bW"f֖ǒV&W'26vPRWBf"&Vr( 7V6( 2FWFBvFRFRFRFBW&2F2&Vf"2WRb6:N( 2&VFƗ6v6גFW'&WFFFG&W76W2FRWFf6F`6VW2B7VGW&R6VV2F7F7Bg&FR( &RvW&gV( vW7B'WB6FPFRFBFRGFVFR&V6VfR26GVRFfRW"f֖ǒ2frRvPW7B6WFW2F( BrrFW&W72F2fR&RFvWFW"vR66vRFP&FvbW"f֖Ǟ( 2fRW&RFRFV6&WGvVVWFf6FB'VF@f֖ǒfR2R6VRfBऒ&VǒW6FVBf"RBW"&VG2F&VvWBF2rW&Wbf֖ƖFWfVVBfR6fFV6RFBFWrvFW"w&Fח6VbBFW'2vfRRFFRB&6ख66rW7B6R&RvW&gVR&R7G&rBfW&6RBƗfRW6RF0vW"7G&VwFBVW&wf"vBfRW'6VbVVvF&RvFfƖrF&RvFr֗7FW2BF&RvFBV6rWfW'RW7V6ǒ`Fr6vVBV6rW'6VbrFRvVvvRv&FBgVV2W"f&RW&6W2W"6V6VvW2W"֖B6F6fW2W"&GB7V2FW"V'B&RVvWF6ǒRf&WfW"Bv2W&Rf"R2g&VB6W6BfVrFFVRvV6RFW"f֖ǒvFG2bfRVv6Vǐ#