VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 03. (April 2018) - Page 11

萬事如故 (translates to “Ten Thousand Things As Before”) I write love letters to my chinese – for she is fragile. and so I build her pillars to stand on writing out the names of my mother, my aunt, my sister. my uncle, her father, her mother. the characters stand in file and they peer back at me. i think perhaps they might be suspicious but i hope they don’t mind. I draw out love poems to my chinese every spring, and I trace over the words that my mother tells me are the ones you’re supposed to say. I draw them hundreds of times until their backs are straight, and each line sounds off echoes that fly over oceans and back to tell me stories of where I have been. I listen rapt but I don’t quite understand even though i can feel the words hitting me, knocking me over with the momentum of ten thousand sounds, ten thou- sand sights, ten thousand people and a sea of a language that bore me up from the sand she was never actually fragile she was just waiting for who I’d become 9