VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 8

Untitled SARAH BRANCH Alone She clouded Cracked windows with smoke To calm the anxiety And to allow rest When sleep had begun To deprave her of herself She found Late nights to be as sweet as cereal milk And early mornings to be as bitter as the fresh lime in her drink She finally Dreamt of traveling home Of searching for remedies Within her blood and her bones So She dreamt Her mother brought her Boiled water for serenity And mint leaves for concentration And orange peel for empathy And cinnamon sticks for patience And She dreamt Her mother drew her baths With Epson salts for cleansing And lilac for fragrance And skylights for visibility And bowls of Merlot for warmth And She dreamt Her mother told stories Of melanin for strength And estrogen for resilience And coconut oil for ambition 1