VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 63

“The IC engages and empowers our community through advocacy, dialogue, and support networks to influence campus culture and promote inclusivity and identity consciousness. “ Jason Rivera, Director Mohammed (Mo) Lotif, Assistant Director Nyk Robertson, LGBTQ+ Fellow Asraa Jaber, Residential Communities Coordinator Jasmine Rashid Kyungchan Min Ivan R Lomeli Jun Rendich-Millis Zain Talukdar Dorcas Tang Leslie Moreaux Janelle Pichardo Reyes ABLLE (Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence) AMENA (Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Cultural Society) ARCS (Anti-Racism Coalition of Swarthmore) Colors (Queer Students of Color) DESHI (South Asian Students Organization) ENLACE (Latinx Students Organization) HAN (Korean Students Organization) HAPA (Racially Mixed Students with Asian Ancestry) I20 (International Students Organization) Kizuna (Japanese Students Kat Galvis Rodriguez Nancy Sorto Asma Noray Matthew C Chen Organization) MSA (Muslim Students Organization) MULTI (Students of Multicultural Identi- ties) PersuAsian (Queer and Trans Asian Community) QSN (Questbridge Scholars Network) SAO (Swarthmore Asian Organization) SCS (Swarthmore Chinese Society) SISA (Swarthmore Indigenous Students Association) SOLIS (Swarthmore Organization for Low Income Students) SQU (Swarthmore Queer Union) WOCKA (Women of Color Kick Ass)