VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 5

This has been a long year. For those of us who embody a spec- trum of marginalized identities, everything and nothing feels to have changed. We continue to demand to be recognized; not only for the challenges we face, but also for the alluring, tangible value we add to humanity’s conversation. I’m flipping between this issue of VISIBILITY and last year’s issue — our first issue — and rec- ognizing how familiar the themes of struggle, understanding, confusion, beauty, politics, and hope really are. My continued vision for this platform is to serve as one small but reliable way to confirm that we can and will keep creating... from this strange micro community 11 miles southwest of Philly. My heart is full to be a part of our collective resistance. Thank you for joining us — we hope that as a reader you find yourself in some pieces, and recognize when you don’t find yourself in others. Here’s to another collaborative project of many. With love and gratitude, Jasmine i v