VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 22

In Remembrance: Letter to the woman, from the girl --Free-write, after Rachel McKibbens 2014. It’s okay to love hardest the gravestone name or the image of drying blood or his mama’s can’t-cry-no-more tears-- All that is left of him. It’s okay to make a noose out of the number of times you look at your reflection in the mirror and refuse to look back. It’s okay to bulldoze your concert hall of a body with silence, to glare at all the mourners, to love hardest the taste of your desert mouth, to fuck his brother and feel nothing It’s okay to leave without leaving. It’s okay to wake up the morning after To the mis-sound of his voice calling your name. To love hardest this noiseless moment. To turn your head and see that his brother Is also a forthcoming obituary, a black boy, afraid of himself. It’s okay to leave without leaving. Lydia Koku -- 15