VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 15

A Rich Man’s Play thing MARISSA COHEN --Based on Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s “I Was a Rich Man’s Plaything” Lady in a red dress spread-eagled on a fighter jet bombshell brunette in hair net girdled and stuck hot on the stove top — she even Screams While You Watch keep ‘em coming, yes panty-hosed sin in he els oh my yes confess we fight on the washing machine friendly fire on floor tiles we wrap back in cellophane mushroom clouds of smoke finger-cut rims of canned Spam H ormel Foods Luncheon Meat coffee-grind Yeswecan into rolled-up sleeves of biscuit doughboys to elroys pass mustard gas pepper spray bottle rockets in the icebox lipstick stain handguns shoot sweet-syrup cherry bombs to serve at home egg-beat 1 Tbsp oil Imperial Sugar, a Bag Full of Recipes ex-mistress straddled on missiles move men to make america pie