VISIBILITY Magazine Issue 02. (April 2017) - Page 14

Love letter to Donald Trump from a Chinese Woman VANESSA MENG HEY MR. DONALD TRUMP Want to Try my sticky pork chops Slurp my wet noodle soup Bite into my hot steamed buns Fried rice oil dripping Eat me meat glistening Out Of this country DEVOUR ME DONALD I’ll make some special sweet and sour sauce all over you It’s MADE IN AMERICA Palatable! And you can use a fork to fork me, I know chopsticks can be difficult They might slip out of your hands! Don’t worry All they say about men with tiny hands is gloves! And I’ve got tiny tits for you too I’m considerate like that. Look at my eyes and don’t say my name Just call me by my parts – ARM LEG PUSSY tastes like: butchered Ch inese girl. With soy sauce. SCREAM CHINA CHINA OH, yes, SCREAM it like, You are going to, DEMOLISH ME FINISH ME MAKE ME— CHINA Great Again Oh this is a love letter by the way. I imagine this is how you Love Sad! 7 Background (Happy Year Of the Rooster): Danqi Cai Maryland Institute College of Art ‘19 tiny