Virginia Golfer Sep / Oct 2017 - Page 42

MyTurn by JIM DUCIBELLA The ParTee Girls’ story of golf as therapy 40 “It was so import- ant because it gave me something else to focus on,” Luke said. “People needed me—and I need- ed people to need me. My phone was ringing. People were emailing me. People would expect me to be somewhere … I needed structure, and once these women found out how important this was to me, they were my biggest supporters.” While acknowledging that she’s no grief coun- selor, Luke said she is bothered by the fact that none of the professionals she saw after Ed’s death addressed her future. “They seemed to focus on grieving your spouse,” she said. “Instead, I think, they should be teaching you how to live your life without your spouse. Focus on what’s next. Not one of them ever said anything about taking up golf. But when they’d ask me what made me happy, I’d say ‘Being with my girlfriends, being out on the golf course.’” That bond has only grown stronger. Each Wednesday from April to October, the ParTee Girls gather to play the Spots- wood, and to enjoy a glass of wine or two afterwards. There are no cliques; The Commish mixes and matches the women so that everyone gets to know everyone. She charges an annual $25 non-refund- able fee which goes to tipping the course marshals and to pay for a postseason party. The women pay for their own golf. This isn’t golf the way the Royal & Ancient envisioned it. Luke frequently devises “games” the women play while on the course, like “Luck Be a Lady.” Each foursome rolls a die before leaving the cl X\NH\[XY\Hܛ\8&\¸'XYX\'BHHHHHHHHH H  M”]ZKY [YH\YH\Y\\\ؘ[YYY[ M H[\XوH\KB]]X[X[H^[\^[ۙ[]XXYK^HYZ[YB[X\X]\Z\XYX\Bܛ\YXHHH]ܙH܂]K'x&[HH [X\ 8'HZHZY 8'x&[B]\[HH\H۸&]\B][\ܙH\ˈ]8&\X]][['BZHZYx&Y\[H[XY[[]\H[H[H[ܛBZ\ۈ\\و\YH\ˈ]8&\šۙHH[Y]\[]\\]KBX\]\]ZH\۸&]HۛHX[\\YZ[H\YH\\B[YX[\K]\[Y[]BXYHY[H[[Hܛ\ \]H[\Y]ܘ\ˈ\]BY[XYۛY]X\[\ܛ\Y[X\\\ܛۈ “ZH\[X]\ۙKY\و[H]B]Y܈\H][H\[\؛[KH8'^Hۛ^H[YH\H[B\][H[\[\8'HHZY 8'H^BHY\[[YHXXYZˈH[[B]Y ]8&\HH] 'BKܙ˜]ZHY\[]\YH[BZHYHۈB۝\ۜܙYHB[X[\؝\Y[][ۂLYX\Yˈ\H\]\BX\ۈ[Y]H]H\YH\›ZY]\]HY[ܛ]\H۝\ HH^K]B]\[\Y [Zۛۜ\Y[ۙx%\^HHۛ%[\Y\KH^NH[Y[X\\H[ܜ\BX]H[ ][YH؈][X[H X\KZH^YYXHHYX\Y&]ۂX[ۙ]ۙH[N[H[&]YBH[[HZ\^K][YYY܈HX[][[]H]]H]؝\X\HY[Y\\ؘ[YZH[Y\وB[YK]Hۙ][Y[[H]›ۙK8'ZHY[YHو\8'HH\HH]\ۜ]Y[[›ۙH^H] \\Y[^YYۂHYZ[ ]Z\\ؘ[ˈ]]H[YHH[ۈ[ܜ\x&\”\KH[H[[ۙK]H[ L YZH\XYۛY]\YX[[\\ۘ\[B8']HH[8'H܈Y[]]x&YZHYH\[H\ۙKx&Y^K8']\K'B][[ܙH[[۝]KYZHY܈ HYX\ˈ[[YB\Z]Y ]^YYH YY] B[[ܙ[Y[\]\Y[YHوZ\\ؘ[[][]]Y]][ZHHXZ˂YYY[XX\H M [\BYYH\\Y[[Y[ܙYH[ܜ\HXYٙ\[ۘ[Y[\ZH[YH\YB\X][۝]\H\ܛY [Y[[][Hܛ\ٙHܛ[]H[]X[\و XY\8'H[Z\ '