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( atc ) In Memoriam In Memoriam QUESTION 10 d. Player B’s caddie runs over and moves A’s ball in the fairway in a golf cart shared by both players as he drove to help Player B. 10. In a match between Player A and Player B on the par-3 seventh hole, A, who has the honor, makes a hole-in-one. He then tells his opponent, B, the shot played 140 yards and he used a 9-iro n. B then makes a stroke from the teeing ground and the ball sails over the putting green. Player B picks up his ball and heads to the next teeing ground, but before either player makes a stroke from the eighth teeing ground, B makes a valid claim. What is the ruling? a. Player A wins the seventh hole. b. Player B wins the seventh hole. c. The hole is halved. d. Both players are disqualified. More Green. Less Fee. A golfer’s dream. Unlimited play on our green and lush 6,400 yard Shenandoah Valley course nestled amid Virginia’s equally beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Package includes meals and lodging, greens fees and cart for 18 holes daily and extra round for cart fees only! For more details check out or call (888) 443-6551. 3 Day / 2 Night Packages from 14 $245 Per person, double occupancy, plus tax V I R G I N I A G O L F E R | S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 17 The Virginia State Golf Association mourns the passing of Dr. David Kovach, a past member of the VSGA Board of Directors and a member of the selection committee for the Virginia Golf Hall of Fame. Kovach passed away at 73 on June 28 after a battle with cancer. After graduating from the Virginia Military Institute, Kovach received his DDS degree from Virginia Commonwealth. He served two years in the United States Air Force, where he received the Air Force Commen- dation Medal. Upon his return, he began a dental practice in Bluefield, Va., in 1971, which continued until June 2015. During his career, he was inducted as a fellow of the Virginia State Dental Society. In addition to his time as a VSGA board member, Kovach was on the original selection committee for the Virginia Golf Hall of Fame, he served terms of the Blue- field Town Council and Bluefield Planning Commission, and he was a member of the Tazewell County School Board. “Dave didn’t say much, but when he did say something, everybody in the room paid attention,” said Bill Millsaps, who served with Kovach on both the VSGA board and the Hall of Fame selection com- mittee. “He was a wonderful man. I loved listening to his mountain twang, inasmuch as I have one of my own.” Kovach is survived by his wife Charlynne; brother W. Michael Kovach; son Dr. David A. Kovach II; and daughters Cheryl Gam- ble and Ann Marie Whaley. a. When Player A’s caddie marks and lifts the ball on the putting green with authorization from the player. b. Player A searches for his ball in a bun- ker and moves his ball as he is moving sand to find the ball. c. Player B helps search for A’s ball in the rough, stepping on it and causing it to move.