Virginia Golfer Sep / Oct 2017 - Page 12

( atc ) Around The Commonwealth 61st Women’s Virginias- Carolinas Matches The 24-member Virginias team ended a seven-year skid against their Carolinas counterparts with an 81-63 victory at Spring Creek Golf Club. Players partici- pated in three days of four ball, modified alternate shot, and singles matches. The Virginias dominated team play, taking a 20½-15½ lead after four ball and winning the alternate shot matches by a count of 27-9. Mary Cabriele (CC of Fair- fax) and Kay Tyler (Springfield G&CC) were co-captains. Seniors Natalie Easterly (CC of Virginia) and Bev Lane (Reston National GC) each went 8-0-1 in their matches, where points were awarded for wins on the front nine, back nine and overall match. 60th VSGA Senior Women’s Amateur Championship A two-time VSGA Senior Women’s Stroke Play champion, Mary Cabriele (CC of Fairfax) added a Senior Women’s Amateur title to her resume by beating four-time SWA champion Mimi Hoff- man 1 up in the title match at the Omni Homestead Resort’s Old Course. After falling behind early, Cabriele won four straight holes from 4-7 to flip the match in her favor. She made a two-putt par on 18 to close the victory. Bev Lane (Reston National GC) was the medalist in stroke- play qualifying. ALSO Dave Pulk (Two Rivers CC) bested Tim Moore (The Virginian t2f`BFFVfW42FvFR3&@e4t6V"7G&R6Ч6VƲvvFR#R6V Vbf&vFR"FP"BFFvFRfb( bVB'GvBW&f&6W2g&6W 6Be4tt2֒֗F6ЦV6WvV2Bt2B&V&V66FV禖e4tt2f&vFV@'B|+L+Bv6W7FW"40FRFf&v'BV v&>( F6W2( bFR6&Ɩ>( 7V@FVfVFVBFRf&v'BFV0FvFR֖BFF2v&>( 6VvPB66F6&W6W'fRW''2( b6w&GVF2Fe4tV&W'0vVƖfVBf""vW&RWVBFFR7VW"U4t663VFFV6W"GB7Vv'VRfvW2@BFVBR26V"FWW"&w&V6R"66GB6vW"֖RVV"6"7&V7f6v&B7Vv'VPR2FWW"W&Vw&VVƖVbBVƗЦ&WF&6RR2vV( 2FWW"'6'&VRB֖֒ffR26V vV( 2FWW"6W&&R@GFfWGFW"R2V"FWW"@&'vVgW'FW"R2V"v&>( ( `FR&W&W6VFFfW2f"FRfe4tVG'FRR2vV( 27FFRFVФ666FfR6WFV&W"v&Rw&VVƖVbWG&W7FB&6Fv&DRu$520E%TŒu"TTU BR"2( 0d%5B$U4%BWW&V6R6Vvpf'v2W7FVBFP'&VFFrVvV琤VF2BFR搤W7FVB&W6'BvF&PF3FW"7FfFW2Bv&B6727F22v`vWFv^( WfW"f&vWB攆FV26FTW7FV@SCӃ3sc`b"rrbR"2RBR"R"2B"R""pg6v&