Virginia Golfer May / June 2015 - Page 29

Florida hit-and-run motorcycle accident after a pickup truck hit him from behind. The second transplant was completed on May 20, 2008 after a 13-hour procedure. Just 27 years old, Compton was up to a third heart. He walked out of the hospital 15 days later emaciated at 129 pounds. He was living but wondered if the golf dream had died. After all, while lying in the intensive care unit, Compton says he came to grips that he’d never play golf again. He had sold all of his equipment and had no status on any tour. But his father read Golfweek to him as he lay there recuperating, subtly suggesting that he could play again. Compton had always been a dreamer. Think big, worry about the consequences later. Almost six months later he played in the Children’s Miracle Network Classic at Disney and made the cut. It gave him hope. He knew he had talent; he hadn’t been that far removed as the country’s top-ranked junior before attending the University of Georgia as a stellar amateur. Between the ages of 27 and 30 he healed, took his medication and hoped his body didn’t reject the new heart. He played golf when he could, attending PGA Tour Qualifying School with unhappy results. He fidgeted to stay busy and hardly slept while his wife, Barbara, and young daughter, Petra, did. He took dozens of pills and still takes a healthy regimen each day. As for the here and now, he tires of the questions. It’s like h